Prayer Requests for December, 2018.
Pray that...

• Obria (formerly Pregnancy Alternatives Center) staff would be encouraged, the center would be well-funded, have adequate volunteers and be effective in preventing abortions and in demonstrating the love of Christ.
• Women and couples considering abortion would have a change of heart and that those who have had an abortion would find help and healing through Jesus Christ and his church.
• The values of our culture would shift more and more toward pro-life.

Previous Prayer Requests:

November Prayer Requests Relating to Health

• We, as believers, would be good stewards of our bodies and honor God through healthy lifestyles that include good nutrition and physical activity.
• Live Longer Lebanon would have a positive impact on the health of our community including our children.
• People would be empowered to overcome drug and alcohol abuse, nicotine use, gluttony and sedentary lifestyles.

October Prayer Requests

• Those considering taking their own life would find the help they need and would find hope in Jesus Christ.
• We would discern when people are deeply troubled and effectively minister to them.
• Loved ones of those who have taken their own lives would find comfort and healing.

September Prayer Requests

• Lebanon public school teachers and staff would be creative and caring and that the love of Christ would shine through believing teachers.
• There would be a positive and healthy atmosphere among all students and that believing students will be godly examples who would also share their faith.
• Home schooling parents and East Linn Christian Academy staff would be inspired and energized and that their students would experience Jesus, the gospel and truth in a fresh and powerful way.

August Prayer Requests

Pray for churches in the Lebanon area based on the Great Commandment(s) (Matt. 22:37-38) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). Pray for…
• An increasing love for God shown through fervent worship, a hunger for God’s Word and obedience to it.
• An abounding and discerning love for one another among God’s people.
• That the church would experience the truth of Jesus words, “surely I will be with you always” as disciples are made.

July Prayer Requests

• That Christian employers and employees in the Lebanon area would have their attitudes and actions fully shaped by their relationship with Jesus.

• That believers, having a strong work ethic and loving attitudes, would shine in the workplace opening up opportunities to pray for, serve and/or share the gospel with fellow employees.

• That believers would find ways to support and encourage one another in the workplace.

June Prayer Requests

• Foster parents would have energy and wisdom. Pray also that both they and their children would have a saving knowledge of God.

• The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) would be able to stabilize their staffing and raise their morale in order to increase their effectiveness.

• Every Child of Linn/Benton County, a volunteer organization which mobilizes volunteers for the foster system, would be effective in increasing the awareness of needs in the foster care system, would be discerning to know where to concentrate their energy and would see an increase in volunteers.

Previous Prayer Requests

• Local churches and pastors would minister effectively to grieving families, widows, widowers, children who have lost parents and parents who have lost children.

• Huston Jost Funeral Home would serve grieving families with compassion and wisdom and that people would be awakened to spiritual truths as funerals and memorial services are performed.

• Those grieving a loss would find comfort in the God of all comfort.

• COMP NW medical school students would take time out of their busy schedules to pursue relationships with people and a relationship with God and that they would not be overwhelmed by their studies.

• Medical school staff would make wise decisions about the 100-plus students they admit each year and that they would be skillful and loving in their dealings with students.

• That the joy and love of Christ would be evident in the Christian employees and students at the school and that God would bear much fruit through their lives.

• Mayor Paul Aziz, City Manager Gary Marks and city staff would be wise, humble, faithful and encouraged as they carry out their work.

• Our city council would have good discernment and work together in a spirit of cooperation as they make decisions regarding Lebanon.

• There would be Christian involvement and gospel penetration in each of the seven areas of the Lebanon 2040 vision statement: arts and culture; downtown; education; healthy community; jobs and growth; safety and small-town values.

• Leaders’ prayer times including Transform Lebanon weekly prayer (Thursdays at 8 am) and the Church of the Valley annual prayer summit at Cannon Beach (Feb. 12-14).

• Moms in Prayer who pray for local schools.

• A renewal of private and corporate prayer in our churches.